Deep. Dive. Revision.

You have some work-in-progress—but it’s stalled. Or you have most of a draft but you just can’t get it finished. Or you’ve got 50,000 messy words with a rough plot and a solid ending but some wobbly bits in the middle.

The common link here is that you are already deep into this process. You’ve committed. You’ve worked hard. But there’s further to go and you’re starting to feel a little weary. Or a little panicked. Or disheartened. Or maybe just confused.

How do you go from where you are now to where you want to be? To a fully revised, polished manuscript that you are ready to send out into the world?

By working with me one-on-one in a deep-dive revision.

We’ll start with an assessment of your book as it currently stands. I’ll read everything and come back to you with both big-picture and detailed comments. We’ll tackle structure and pacing, if necessary. We’ll discuss point of view and characterization, or whatever craft issues arise, to make sure your book has a solid foundation.

Then we’ll work out a rhythm that feels right to you and you’ll revise, chapter by chapter. I’ll be there with you every step of the way to offer feedback, deadlines, and support. You’ll emerge from this process with a book that you are ready to send out into the world.

Just imagine how great that will feel — to really commit to that goal and give yourself the support you need to get there.

I only have room in my schedule to take on a few clients for for this work because, well, it’s intense. But if you’re a writer of fiction or nonfiction with a rough draft, or at least a good chunk of a draft, and you want to move forward, email me at nancyrawlinson@gmail.com. Well set up a time for a free consult, to see if this is the right fit for you.

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