General information:

Whatever your writing problem, I can help. I am here to make sure that you achieve your writing goals.

My advice, and the way we work together, is dictated by you and the needs of your project. I can offer structure, deadlines, and writing exercises for those that need them, or insightful, constructive feedback and line editing if your work needs fine-tuning.

Along the way I can share with you my knowledge and experience of the publishing world, MFA programs, and the magazine industry. I can even offer reading lists and sources for further guidance.

As we work together, I will make sure that I am available to talk over any problems that may arise as you tackle your work. Worried about the blurring of fact and fiction in your memoir? Unsure about how to use flashbacks in your novel? Confused about what to include in your writing school application? Stressed out by your book proposal? I have helped clients with these issues in the past and I have also grappled with them myself, as a writer.

In my experience, having an intelligent and constructive source to turn to for advice, feedback, and guidance can make the difference between a successful and fully-realized project and one that falls by the wayside.

I can be that source for you.

Even if you are not sure what you need to do to fix your work and you just want an objective pair of eyes, why not contact me for more information? There is no charge for an initial review and conversation, so you have nothing to lose.

I have helped writers with memoirs, literary journalism, personal essays, short stories, novellas, and novels. The exact nature of my assistance is dictated by the needs of the project and the needs of the writer. I have done everything from re-plot books (taking them apart, moving the pieces around, and putting them back together again) to intensive line edits aimed at strengthening the writer’s use of language.

No project is too big or too small, and if you need some assistance in even starting, I can help with that too.

For more information on how I may be able to help with your specific project, please contact me.

Writing School Applications

Getting together an application for an MFA writing program can be a daunting prospect. Often writers that are applying for an MFA are at the start of their careers, so they may not have a peer group to turn to for advice and feedback.

That’s where I come in.

I can advise you on every aspect of your application, from your creative writing sample to your personal statement. I can help you select your strongest work, and then revise it with you until it is up to MFA standard. I can add polish to your personal statement and if the school requires a critical response piece, I can help with that too.

Throughout the process I am always available to talk over problems, answer questions, and share what I have learnt about the applications process — both by going through it myself and by helping clients do the same.

Exactly how long it takes me to work on a writing school application can vary, depending on the level of development of the work submitted. To get an exact quote, I would need to see your work.

Even if you are just thinking about applying, why not contact me so you know what your options are?

Book Proposals

Once you have done the hard work of actually writing a book, a book proposal should be no problem, right? I wish this were true. In fact, many writers find writing a book proposal to be one of the most grueling challenges that they ever face.

To write a book proposal you have to think like an agent. You have to sell yourself and your book. You have to condense your plot into a sound bite, and then expand it into a paragraph. You have to nail down the structure of your book, perhaps before you actually know how it is going to turn out for sure. And you have sound confident as you do it.

Believe me, I know what a frustrating process this can be. I have gone through it myself and I can help you, too.

In my experience, it takes a lot of revision to get a book proposal just right. I can help you bounce ideas around, read sections of your proposal as you produce them, offer advice on structure, help you with your language, and provide an objective and experienced opinion on what works and what doesn’t.

You will need to send out some sample chapters along with your book proposal, and if necessary I can help you revise and polish those too.

The number of hours I spend on a book proposal can vary greatly from project to project, so please contact me for an estimate.

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