For one-on-one coaching and editing:

I charge by the hour though what I can get done in an hour varies quite a lot, from client to client, because it depends on the work, how developed it is, and what level of editing I’m providing.

So: We will always agree on a set price before we start working together. No surprises. General rule of thumb, though: I can get through approximately 10 – 15 pages an hour without line edits. If I’m making line edits, then it’s more like 5 – 10 pages per hour.

This page-per-hour estimate is based on an average of 250 words a page, which is how I calculate page length. I ask that your work be sent conventionally formatted: one inch margins, 12 point Times or Times New Roman, double spaced. For the love of all that is holy, please add page numbers.

Extra time spent on writing critiques, meeting in person, or scheduled phone calls is also charged by the hour.

I accept payment by check, PayPal, or credit card. Once I had a client who paid exclusively in used fifties, which was fine also.

If you would like a quote, send me an email outlining the nature of your project. If possible, include an email attachment of your work in Word format. Twenty pages or so is usually enough for this initial consult.

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